Hello. This is a blog I am doing about about feminism and femininity. I think femininity is great and everyone should get to have fun with it. I like it best, reconstructed, not the boring version that just exists as the patriarchy approved choice for ladies to look like. The best kind is the ironic type of femininity that subverts every facet of the known universe, or would if I could find the right shade of lipstick. I like femme. I like lipstick and leopard print. I am ginger. I am fat. I like pop-culture about ladies, made my ladies or featuring a lot of ladies. I like lady-stuff. Although I am an androphile and I can’t help that. Baby, I was born that way.

(Now, I am writing all of this from my clueless bubble of being white and able-bodied and middle class. I will try not to be a dick about it when I fuck up and have it pointed out to me. That’s my best offer. And that’s not meant to be an excuse, just an acknowledgement that feminismchat seems to mostly be about fucking stuff up around this stuff and I don’t expect I am going to be any different because I am a fucking idiot who has never read anything except the Twilights and that Victoria Beckham did about shoes.)

Here is some of the stuff I might write about, obviously a quick shorthand would be, stuff I like, just look in my brain at it, but if you could look at my brain you wouldn’t need my blog and I would need a doctor. So here is a list of the kind of things I am thinking of writing about on this blog in a feminist style and perhaps with a touch of gentle feminine lady-like humour.

The Spice Girls, Twilight, Taylor Swift, Lady comedians (or, as I like to call them comedianstresses), Helena Bonham Carter, Rom coms and romance novels, Disney Princesses, Once Upon a Time, Josie Long, Goblin Market, Kate Bush, Madonna, Drag, Mary Magdalene, Marie Antoinette, Showgirls, Nigella, The Powerpuff Girls, All the women in Game of Thrones, Breathy Lady-voiced cover versions of those songs you like and Anne from The Famous Five.

Actually Anne from The Famous Five is a great example of how femininity is presented as a crappy option, even for women – as opposed to supercool tomboysim. So let us do this thing. Let’s look at all the things that are coded as female and why that seems to mean they are coded as rubbish, and what it means to be totally down with loving them for it.




You'd be amazed how little I care what you think

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