January In Once Upon a Time, Colin O Donoghue’s Captain Hook arrived in Storybrooke with a face that looked like this. Happy New Feminism Year, everyone.


February David Beckham did some more standing around in pants looking like he does for H&M.


He also ran about a bit in pants for this feminist advert for pants.

March Tom Hardy kissed a dog. And who isn’t into this? Everyone is into this. Best feminism.

hardy puppy

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau did some excellent, feminist, naked-in-a-bathtub acting as Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones. Oscar panel take note please.


Elementary kicked in with it’s Moriarty plotline. Thanks to months of hard work by dedicated feminists, Johnny Lee Miller played Sherlock with a face that looked like this.


Superman took his top off. Finally. Congrats to all the feminists who worked so long and hard on this one. They finally got our memos. Or my memos. But I sent A LOT of memos. Whatever memos are.


Blurred Lines. UGH. BOOO HISS. However then this Gender Flipped video was made and I watched it so many time I accidentaly Pavloved myself into liking the song. Whoops. Sometimes I pay a high price for feminism.

EDIT: Bonus. I have been kicking myself I didn’t put Idris Elba’s return as Luther in July when this first posted. I’m only one human woman, I can’t think about Idris and do html. But if anything summed up feminism in 2013 it was Idris Elba’s rise and rise and red hot rise. So here is a quick addition. Has there ever been a greater feminist triumph than 2013 – the year of Idris? No, there hasn’t – don’t waste time trying to think of one.


Alexander Saasguard ended True Blood’s penultimate season with an Eric Northman full frontal. Good work Alexander.


The One Direction movie came out. One Direction look like this. Feminists rejoiced.

one d

Ben Cohen’s clothes all fell off on Strictly Come Dancing after protests by feminists about how dressed he was.


While I’m here, this is a video of Ben Cohen. Apparently he’s making a calendar. I refuse to answer any questions about how much input Ben Cohen had into developing the concept of time, or exactly how bookmarked this video is on my laptop.

Gale! Feminism! Gale!

Liam Hemsworth stars as 'Gale Hawthorne' in THE HUNGER GAMES.

David Gandy was in the M&S advert. Sadly, this is the only picture of him that has survived to the present. Luckily, it is very feminist.

David Gandy

Of course there is still work to do. You will be shocked to learn that it was almost impossible to find good pictures of topless superman, Jaime Lannister’s bathtime or Jonny Lee Miller topless in Elementary. Almost as if no one thought anyone would want these things, or, perhaps more sinsterly, no one thought anyone should want these things. We need to fight on for the high-res filthily-posed images we deserve,sisters, battle on. Feminism needs you.

(And if you are a man who would like to be a feminist ally, it’s very easy. Work out and take your top off. And if you are pushed for time, point 2 is the really important one.)


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