I’ve wanted to make a post of songs about Suffragettes since they did one on Horrible Histories, which is so uplifting and fun.

The Horrible Histories songs about Boudicca and Mary Seacole are also awesome. Everyone know Horrible Histories is ace, but it is still true.

And I wanted to put it with Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins, which is, of course, the best. Well done, Sister Suffragette.

Nana was a Suffragette is the song that is used as theme tune for the Suffragette-com Up the Women. Prepare to get a bit misty eyed at this one, btw.

In the comments for this video the uploader explains how it came to be used in the show.

On twitter, Naomi Alderman suggested March of the Women from the BBC1 series, Shoulder to Shoulder. (And which is also a bit sob inducing.)

Now, to cheer you up and freak you out, to end with, here’s the massively creepy Bad Romance Suffragette parody that was big on You Tube and while back.

So that’s my small collection of Suffragette Songs, uplifting and moving and funny and terrfying. Thanks, Suffragettes. And if you know of any more please suggest here or on twitter and I’ll add them. (Just this once, you can ignore the fact I am rude about your opinions in the comment box intro.)


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